#10 How to make the Triple Crochet Free Online Technical Knitting Computer Support

30 thoughts on “#10 How to make the Triple Crochet Free Online Technical Knitting Computer Support

  • @Stephy27Pooh You chain 4, turn. The Chain 4 will count as the first stitch so you work in the second stitch. You may come across other techniques from the traditional chain 4. Once you become more experienced, you decide which technique works best for you.

  • hey i am a new crocheter and i am having trouble because my work keeps rolling on itself….like it wont stay flat like yours does. thanks for the amazing videos!

  • Thank you for taking the time to post these instructions! Your videos show exactly what to do and your combination of slow-mo and details on exactly where to stitch and how you hold your work are the best I've ever seen. I hope you keep posting.

  • I appreciate all your vidoes – I'm just learning (brand new just this week) but I've already learned alot from your channel. Thanks again!

  • hi, I'm working on a project and I need some advice. I have an existing 32 sc in my previous row. but for the next row, it says to make an sc 10, dc, dc, 2tc in 1st st…. (more following)…. but how would I approach this? would I need to make some chains before I start the tc, or do I begin with the wrap around twice? Oh and thank you very the video.

  • hi Teresa, again thank you for your brill tutorials. I am doing a project in rows of triple crochet. I make my ch3 as a turning chain but when I chain and make my next stitch I end up with a slightly bigger gap than the rest of the row. how can I rectify that please?

  • There are two ways you can fix this. You can work one less chain so the gap will not be as large.

    The other solution is to work a chain 1 or chain 2 as the step up, then work a full triple crochet as the stitch. This is my preference. The chains on the edge blend right in and you get a nice edge. I hope this makes sense.

  • Great instruction and video. So glad it came up on my Android. I will definitely use this one many, many times.

  • You will be the one to help me understand crochet! As I watch your thorough and detailed lessons I think I'm beginning to understand more and more.ย 

  • I'm trying to locate any video where you demonstrate your preferred way (over the ch3 at turn). My friend wants to see that & I keep looking at your videos (I think I've only seen that while you are doing a video on a stated topic & that has been an extra add-on. Now that I'm trying to find it, I'm asking for that as a separate (tip) video. After watching quite a few beginner videos, it dawned on me that you wouldn't add that for a total beginner but now I've gone as far as 2 turns without seeing that tip.
    Also, it's really popular to make Beautiful Shells Blanket (in ravelry) & please add it to your videos. Feel free to email me, I don't know if I'm to add my email but you have responded in earlier requested so, I won't add it. Thanks!

  • I used to crochet years ago and started again, your videos are so helpful. Thank you for the help since for some reason I was making a scarf and it was either growing in length or shrinking, I started over and over till I thought that I got it right, Hopefully now I got it and your videos are very helpful. I used to be good enough to make baby sweater and stuff like a blanket, I am hoping to get back to that level at least or more. Wow how time makes you rusty. but at my age it is good therapy for the hands too so I will keep it up. Will keep watching your videos too!!!

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