:0257: انجیر کی کانٹ چھانٹ ، سائز کنٹرول، پھل /Fig Tree, Trimming, Size Control and Fruit

May peace be with you. It is 15th of March today. These are two fig trees which I want to trim. Other than its spread and size control, I want to get fruit as well. Things which I want to share, most of them, you already know but do not pay much attention. If you look at its branches, you will see two colours. One is light brown, on old branches, other is at the end of same old branches and have different colour and that one is new growth and that part will have fruit. These light brown branches just support the remaining branch and they do not bear fruit. If we divide these in two parts, take one part, keeping in mind, its main structure, keep some of branches and cut other branches, away from main stem. Like this one, it will not fruit. For fruiting , end bits of these branches, that will get fruit. If this branch is cut here, new buds will sprout from here and new growth will not fruit this year. They will have fruit next year. All the bud which will grow, if we keep healthy ones and cut the rest and those branches will fruit next year. This year we shall get fruit from top bits of old branches and after a year, like this branch, if I do not cut it, its upper portions will fruit this year. The shoots from cut off branch will fruit next year. That way, one by one, without touching the main stem, we shall trim branches near the main trunk, half of them one year, and remaining will fruit and year after, those old ones will be cut and new shoots from last year will fruit. Now I shall mark those branches which will be cut now. I shall leave this branch and this branch, grafted with another variety, which is growing I shall cut it off. I shall cut off this one too. These branches will stay and those freshly grown above will stay and will cut this one. This will stay and all those marked branches will be cut this year and unmarked will stay and will cut it from here. I have decided about this tree, which branches will stay and which will go. Now going to second tree, all these will stay because they are fresh growth but all the old ones, will be cut off so I have a clear mind, which will stay and which to cut. Now I shall start cutting. It is better to give a back cut first. If you do not do this and start cutting at top, when more than half is cut, it will go down and damage the bark so it is better to give a back cut. I have cut lot of braches which needed to be cut. Cut off branches will sprout. New branch will fruit next year. The big branches which have not been cut will go next year and it will not reduce the fruit which I get from these trees. Its size will be under control. That was the idea of trimming them. If you have any idea, give your opinion, in comments under the video. Now all those which have been cut, I shall seal the cuts so that they do not dry and it is important to seal the cutts. Now I want to thank all those who give their opinion on my channel write comments, have subscribed, encourage me, from the deapth of my heart, I am grateful and hope I shall be encouraged in future. I shall say something. either gardening is your hobby or or learning how to graft, as a hobby. in each case, cutting on smaller or big scale, you must have sealant. It is cheap and easy to make and I shall add its link at the end. I think it is must for every gardener. It is low price but effective. It is tried and tested. I have been using it for years. If you like my work, share it with friends and relatives. In this vast universe, I am millions time smaller, than a dot. If you lose me once, it will be hard to find me again. To avoid that, subscribe to my channel, and have easy access to me. Thank you.

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