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For convenience, also provide a original sound performance (in Russia). Hi, guys! My name is Alya Francis and welcome to my love YouTube channel.
I present to your attention – a video lesson – my authorial organizer “Memory” from my collection in the style of Alya Francis. Without a drop of shyness, I declare that I am the first knitter who was able to knit the popular “Rattan” pattern without expansion and not in a circle.
Thanks to this method, you can knit my new “AF” bag with this pattern with me. You can watch the video tutorial Handbags at the tip above or at the link in the description below this video. I will knit with left and right hands, so if you like to cope with difficult tasks, than Welcome in a lesson in this video. Go down right now and check your subscribe button. It should always glow in gray.
If it is red, then just pause this video.
Scroll down under this video and make it gray, and be sure to click on the bell next to the subscribe button. And only after that continue viewing. For knitting I will use the magic solid wood hook from the store “Cedar 39”. You yourself see how beautiful he is.
Its advantages are the naturalness of the material, lightness and at the same time the strength of the hook. It is so perfectly crafted that it slides along the thread better than metal hooks, and pay attention that this hook has a pointed head and it is therefore more convenient to knit.
During operation, the hook in the hands lies perfectly. If you, like me, are looking for a magic crochet hook, then I recommend the “Cedar39” store. To create, we also need: 100 meters of knitted tshirt yarn. 2 plexiglas with a diameter of 15 cm.
You can emphasize the product with the help of a leather tag, online “Parabirok” store. You can purchase a magic hook and tags by clicking on the links in the description below this video.
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The author of the lesson or master class is the creator of this material, which means that he is automatically the copyright holder for everything he has created. At the beginning of knitting, leave a thread 100 cm long. For the convenience of knitting, fix it with a marker. Tightly dial 9 chains. 1 row. Skip 3 chains / 7 single crochet. 2 row. 1 chain / knit the second row with the left hand / place the working thread on the finger, as I show you / knit according to video. We complete the 2nd row. We enter the hook under loop and knit single crochet. 3 row. 1 chain / knit the third row with the right hand / Due to the fact that during all knitting I have a working thread located on the finger – the wrong side up, there is no need
constantly align each elongated loop, which greatly reduces the time of knitting. Knit according to video. We complete the 3nd row. We enter the hook under loop and knit single crochet. 4 row. 1 chain / knit according to video. We complete the 4nd row. We enter the hook under loop and knit single crochet. 5 row. 1 chain / knit according to video. We complete the 5nd row. We enter the hook under loop and knit single crochet. 6 row. 1 chain / With this method, we knit 6 rows and another 28 rows. In total, 34 rows should be. The canvas size is 8 by 32cm. Pay attention. that knitting the fabric should end in on the right side. At the end of the last row. Cut the thread 100 cm long. Fully pull out the loop. Now with the help of a plastic needle and threads – we sew the canvas with plexiglass.
We mark 10 holes on the plexiglass; if you wish, you can mark them with markers. Knit according to video. Connected. And in the same way we connect the second side.
With the help the thread, I will sew my tag to the organizer. After all the details are connected. Thread a thread into the holes on each side. And on the front side we sew a bow-knot. And voila! My authoring organizer “Memory” is ready! If you liked this video and it was interesting for you, then support me with thumbs up and comments. Subscribe to my instagram, there you will find a lot of interesting things and be sure to mark me on your photos and in the description, even if you use my videos – lessons only as a basis. Thank you all for watching, good mood and see you in the next video.


  • Не перестаю восхищаться вашими работами! Вы-талант! Спасибо, что делитесь своими идеями!

  • А если вязать тунисским крючком левой рукой вязать не надо) Как вы считаете, получится?

  • Ha quedado precioso, felicidades por tan bonito trabajo y muchas gracias por compartir. Un saludo desde España.

  • Давно восхищаюсь Вашими МК! Шикарный узор, как всегда классная Вы…. Но этот крючок просто ужасный!!! Невооружённым глазом видно как им сложно и неудобно вязать. Но Вы и здесь были на высоте. 👍🏻

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