👉🏽Applique ceci une seule fois et dit Adieu aux champignons:une seule fois c est tout

apply this one time to finish
with the irritating and unpleasant fungi This is the solution you have always wanted
but very few people unfortunately know this recipe but today you are going to consider this
recipe like the holy grail because it goes in finish with your concerns naturally and definitely welcome to your favorite channel
Health and home remedies, I invite you
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have suffered nail fungus, we felt a little embarrassed
show our feet in public and this This is because of the unsightly appearance
of the Mushrooms, but do not worry
because today We will pay for this I know that’s why
you are here, you are looking to eeliminate a good time for all this forever
and for ever Tell me in the comments if your feet
and hands show signs of infection mushroom
If yes, how long have you been wearing this infection? it is always good to consult your doctor
for him or her Analyze the type and even the state of progress
of that, if you have already done it and nothing came out of it, so I told you
proposes here, not one but four of best remedies at home to finish
with nail fungus that way you can choose the one you prefer I also invite you to watch the video
complete not to miss no detail, before going further, in
Medical terms we call them onychomycosis although we
know them as mushrooms nails ,
nails and believe it or not but it’s some thing
very common, especially in the nails of feet and there are more cases in women
that in men in general the cause nail fungus is
related to the external environment, like moisture and shortly after the
heat, in addition to the use of narrow shoes
All day long Or even spend hours in the
swimming pool Also know that mushrooms affect
more people who have more contacts regular with water and also people
of over 60 who suffer from
diabetes, in short having an immune system weak or
traffic problems this information can help a lot of
people who are looking for a natural remedies
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from where you look this video, it always gives me pleasure to
know where you m go with me and support me let’s go on , If you do not know what to do to
that mushrooms do not spread the following tips will serve you first you should not wear shoes
very tight or Synthetic avoid walking barefoot
in public places as per example of gym showers, the edges
of pools always dry out and clean your feet
before putting on shoes do not use nail clippers of others but still the
your Always wear socks 100%
cotton because this type of socks absorbs foot humidity
now let’s go to the best part
Here are the home remedies for remove the fungus from the nails of
feet the first remedy is based
olive oil everything you have to do
is to mix 3 tablespoons of oil olive with 3 drops of oil
of tea tree Mix well and apply on
infected areas this treatment you have to do it for
at least 20 days, continue even if you do not see more traces another remedy that you
we recommend it is to mix a tablespoon
oil olive with three drops of oil
Oregano essential, mix well and
apply every day for at least three weeks,
the second remedy is a lemon base, just soak
your feet infected in a container with juice
pure lemon or if you simply prefer apply the
lemon juice directly on your fingernail do it daily until
you noticed how the mushroom disappears the third
the remedy is with the miraculous vinegar apple alone,
you have to put a glass of vinegar apple in a bowl with water and then
you have to soak your feet at least 20 minutes and then you have to dry the
feet very well if you prefer you can
use a hair dryer to completely eliminate moisture
then our last remedy is to smear the garlic feet for the
nail fungus, For this you should take
a transparent container with a lid and
then place a clove of garlic well chopped 7 drops of lemon and 3 drops of iodine
white mix well and let stand one week
After this time you can start apply a layer on
the nail touched by the fungus during at
at least two weeks a simpler way is to put 5
cloves of garlic in a small tray of water, previously brought to a boil,
once the mixture is hot, you have to put your feet in
soak your toes for at least less 15 minutes
Then you dry them well you should repeat this treatment
for about 4 weeks the key for these
remedies work on you is the constancy if
you do not take treatment in a way assiduous
then you will not get the results definitive
you want Tell me in the comments, which
recipes was your favorite why do you like it better than another? If you like, leave me a comment
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