Товары для рукоделия. Где приобрести.

Hello! Today’s video shoot for those, who is interested, where do I get their materials for needlework. And now I want to tell you about one group, where you can buy really high-quality materials at reasonable prices. I want to introduce you to a group in classmates EVERYTHING FOR HANDMADE In this group you will find a lot of interesting and necessary for creativity. Here a huge assortment of ribbons, beads, middles, various accessories and lace. What kind of ribbon is there only, and satin, and rep, and organza. All kinds of colors and sizes. Solid and with a pattern. A tape for children’s bows is just a huge choice. All bright, beautiful, just eyes run. But most of all this caught my attention. Look, the photos collected tapes one color, but different in size. How convenient it is! I do not know about you, but I often had a way that requires a ribbon of the same color to work, but different in size, or suitable for shades of tape. I had to climb all over the site to find the right color, sometimes had to be ordered even from different groups and it was very insulting when the parcel arrived, but in the end the shades did not match. And here it is very convenient, all in one place and from one color scale. This is a huge plus. In the group there is a huge selection of cabochons. All kinds of butterflies, flowers, on children’s subjects. Round, square, in the form of droplets and hearts and many, many others. And also all kinds of caps and epoxy stickers to them. Separately, I want to pay attention to the album with the rhythms of midges. For every taste, color and size. Look at how many stamens, for every taste and color. An excellent addition to the bows, flowers and topiary. By the way, here also there is a foam base. Love skirts tu-tu? Then for you, tulle and tops. Supplement it with beads and chic outfit is ready. Rubbers, bandages, rims, combs. All this you will also find in this group. In this group you will find everything you want. But if suddenly something is not found, then the group often organized joint purchases, there you can not only order the materials you need, but also significantly save, since in joint purchases the cost is much lower. And of course here you can order thermo cutting, which has already become so indispensable in our business. With it everything turns out quickly, neat and beautiful. By the way, there is no minimum order amount here. And if you order a product worth 1500 rubles, then delivery to Russia for you will be free. I will leave a link to the group below the video. Be sure to stop by, look, I think you will like it. If you have any questions, be sure to ask, the administrator of the group Tatiana is always prompt and available to tell everything. In my opinion this is very cool, when in one group everything that is necessary for creativity is collected. Choose everything and order in one place-it’s so convenient.

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  • Ссылка на группу ВСЕ ДЛЯ РУКОДЕЛИЯ https://ok.ru/group52666277494929
    Ссылка на КУЛИНАРНЫЙ КАНАЛ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCANZe6PcdFAFF66VDE3bZtQ?sub_confirmation=1
    Почта для сотрудничества [email protected]

  • Спасибо за ролик . Хотела присоединиться ,чтобы приобретать товары для рукоделия ,но ответа не получила (прошли сутки ). Не подскажите в чём причина ? Заранее благодарю за ответ .

  • Татьяна , большое спасибо за ответ и совет ! Подожду ответа от администратора . Буду ждать Ваших новых мастер – классов . Мир Вашему дому !

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