Красивая Осенняя Поделка Своими Руками | Осенние Поделки Из Шишек

Greetings to you friends
Ideas in the Academy. In this video I tell you
how to make your own hands in the autumn bright decor
for home. If you are alone in the channel,
PUSH sign and bell I would not miss the new
video. Just do not forget about us
other social networks. Here is a list of what I
needed for the production decor. From cardboard cut-out
a circle. The center marks the spot
where candle hot fix glue. Scissors cut a sponge
in small portions and mountable glue them around the candle. I start with the biggest
details. At the same time I stuck
pumpkins and cones. Smaller cones close
upper tier. Matured them into glue. Openings where you can see the board
close maple leaves. I decorate the rope lengths. Autumn inlay ready. If you liked my
video, put the Like. Subscribe to my channel. Be creative and get up. Bye everyone!

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