Как сделать куклу из ниток – мастер-класс. Часть 1.

Hello, dear friends! This is Art-Master Marianna! Today, we have unusual DIY, It’s not about weave of beads I’ll tell you how to do Yarn Dolls. This is one of my favorites
Hand-craftes since childhood So, I really want To share. These dolls cause kids
Romantic experience About princes and princesses. So, usually I do them both I think this tutorial
Could be of interesting to parents, Who could do such dolls with their children I also present these dolls,
Like souvenirs for friends. Toy girl differ from boy’s doll
only two points – the boy has short hair And bandaged legs. If you cut off hairs from toy girl
and dress pants then she becomes boy. Therefore, first of all
We will make Yarn Doll of girl, And the boy in the next part. What do we need for
Making such dolls? You will need threads of two different colours for the body of doll and for its hairs Today I will make a very bright
doll, With yellow body and orange hairs It is better to take straight thread,
not curls Otherwise it will be difficult for you To comb and tie your
Dolls during manufacture, And skirts will be disheveled And hairs will stand on end. Therefore, I prefer to do
Dolls of straight threads, They are more obedient. We also need:
Scissors, Needle Interlocking Hook, Comb, elastic bands,
Which could be easily removed from the threads And the basis on which we will reel up our boy and girl. There is one spesial moment
In winding threads Even if you try not to pull the thread it will shrink And your base will deforme On one side this is minus. On the other side, if you
Take an absolutely rigid basis When you will reel it up get under threads to cut them would be difficult. For my technology I take a soft book And then fasten threads with a rubber. Therefore, a soft book fits
better. And I put a wooden bar inside To prevent curvature While we reel up, The bar does not allow to deform the book And when I finish reel up,
I’ll pull out this piece of wood And the book itself will bend a little And I’ll cut the thread easily And same with the hands I will reel it up like this, then
I will pull it out and the book will fold And I will cut the thread. This format of the book
Fits well, Because in length we will reel up the body of the doll And hair for the girl doll, And across we will reel up hands of dolls And hairs for the boy. Well, that’s probably all and we can begin So, we start to make
Our Yarn Dolls First we reel up the body
of our doll with yellow threads. I still suggest you not to pull the thread When you will reel up So, we did the body of
Doll and can cut the thread. I open the book and take out the bar And now I have
The opportunity to cut the thread. Why do we need the rubber? We take ours strings tightly Keep it strongly from one side And cut our threads Do not allow them to run away! Continue to hold strongly
And tie from one side. This is the body of our doll Comb threads carefully And postpone them to a side. Now let’s make the hairs
Of the doll. The hairs will be orange. Reel up It is desirable to reel same thickness
as we made for the body. Otherwise, it will be distorted
And not very beautiful. So I reel up my hair
For the doll. The thread is very tight,
So my base crumpled. And if there was not bar inside
Then the book would crumble more. But the bar is here, and we pull it out. Find the hole here And just like the last time We hold it Cut and tie. So, we have the body of a doll. Here is the body of the doll. And hairs for the doll. Now we do need to make thands for it Put it aside We take our book, put the bar inside We will wrap up across That’s why I put the bar closer, To pull it out easy Hands would be same color
as the body of the doll. So, I’m wrapping up across Now I finished wrapping
And cut the threads First I take out the bar Now I can catch it easily
And cut the threads In fact, I made
Quite a lot of such dolls And found this method
not at once Now we comb the hands Fold them in half. Hairs are a little twisted So we will correct it slightly Dimidiate and cut. Hold with the hands Take a thread, and hold it with fingers And Reel up Tightly Rewind the first loop deeper Then it would be easier to tie a knot. Cut the thread Make Reef knot Try to understand the difference
Between the Reef knot and Granny knot Because if you make Reef knot wrong
it will unleash easily Now we put under threads Needle Interlocking Hook Catch the thread and pull it under And hide the knot Turn hands upside down A little combing. Align threads gentle Take a string, hold it with finger And reel up tightly Please, remember
That for these winding We Need strong enough thread, So that they do not break. Winding is important to do tight
to avoid decay Make knot and hide knot under the coiled thread. If some threads bother too much
Then you can get it out. Now we take the scissors And make it more beautiful and pretty Actually, you can do this very long So, for manufacturing
Girl Doll I have: Yellow long one for the body of the doll I comb a little. It is desirable that the thread lay parallel Another one for hairs And hands Now we are collecting the doll. Put across, and fold Try to make the ends equal. comb and align The second side same This rubber on hairs
we don’t need any more And we take it off Everything is ready to
Tie the hairs And nothing will fall out already For this we hold it strongly Take thread of the same color, And reel up Try not to touch Dolls hairs Otherwise they could twist into the winding Done! Then cut the thread and make a knot. Do knot somewhere on the side. We tied the doll’s hair. Straighten. If any thread is not on the place It’s easier to pull it out. Now we will make the neck and head
of the doll But differ from hairs, We do not take off this rubber I’ll tell you later why Now we just need
To reel up the neck. Again, hold threads strongly comb and straighten the future face. Now I pull, take thread of same color, I leave a tail And begin to reel up my neck. It won’t be very thin Cause the doll we are making Is healthy and strong. OK, done cut off cuttings Put doll on a side And I do a few reef knots So the head of our doll is already here And now I will tell you Why do we need this rubber band. Rubber is necessary to find the half of our winding, Because it’s not so easy do divide On equal pieces That would be not beautiful And if you try to insert the hands here Then they could become crooked, Like here I do not like this, so
I’m useing the rubber, To find the half So, I put the hands And after that I take off the rubber. So everything could be spread out well I brush. I pull on properly, Take thread of the same color And begin to reel up tightly Now we will straighten our
Doll hands, head. Pull threads. Comb the skirt and hairs Actually, our doll is ready. And all that we can do more Tighten and cut something You can do this very long time So long, that the girl doll will turn out
to the boy Feel the limit here! And the Yarn Doll of Girl is ready Oh, she has girlfriends!

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